Group Description

Who we are

  • be interested in/working with Web development technology
  • like sharing & learning valuable knowledge
  • communicate in English, Japanese, and Chinese languages in an open community

If you are

being interested in

  • programming languages,
  • algorithms and data structures,
  • Web development technology,
  • software architecture

Since we hope this can be a meetup for people like technologies and even want to publish their crafting result.

Why join

  • listen to experts' insights and best practices
  • share your experiences, if you have expertise on a specific domain
  • talk with each other and get inspired

Connect us

1 minute to submit your interested topic in this form!

Feel free to talk to us on Gitter channel.

Upcoming Events

Public 2019/06/20(Thu) 19:15〜

Webhack#23 x Indeed: Pivotal's Extreme Programming

Shih Ting Huang (Neo) Shih Ting Huang (Neo)

3-chōme-1-21 Shibaura, Minato City, Tōkyō-to 108-0023, Japan


Finished Events View all events (23)

Ended 2019/05/28(Tue) 19:00〜

WebHack#22 x WomenWhoCode x Mercari

WangFangda WangFangda

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 18F


Ended 2019/03/14(Thu) 19:20〜

WebHack#21 x Indeed: Elm at large & Data Analytics

WangFangda WangFangda

Tokyo, Shinagawa, Kamiosaki, 2 Chome−13−30 Oak Muguro 10階


Ended 2019/02/27(Wed) 19:00〜

WebHack#20 x Indeed: Web Develop with OpenAPI Spec

WangFangda WangFangda

Tokyo, Shinagawa, Kamiosaki, 2 Chome−13−30 Oak Muguro 10階


Ended 2019/01/17(Thu) 19:00〜

WebHack#19 Data Science, Tools of the Trade@LINE新宿

WangFangda WangFangda

東京都新宿区新宿四丁目1番6号 JR新宿ミライナタワー23階


Ended 2018/12/20(Thu) 19:00〜

WebHack#18 Aiming at Reliable & Performant Web

WangFangda WangFangda



Ended 2018/11/19(Mon) 19:00〜

WebHack#17 x @lepture The modern OAuth, 二子玉川

WangFangda WangFangda



Ended 2018/09/10(Mon) 19:00〜

WebHack#16 x @kenkoooo Play with Rust, 渋谷

WangFangda WangFangda

東京都渋谷区東1-1-36 (キタ・ビルデンス)


Ended 2018/08/21(Tue) 19:00〜

WebHack#15 From code to release @Line 新宿

WangFangda WangFangda

東京都新宿区新宿四丁目1番6号 JR新宿ミライナタワー23階


Ended 2018/07/31(Tue) 19:00〜

WebHack#14 Cloud Resource Management

Paipo Tang Paipo Tang



Ended 2018/06/05(Tue) 19:00〜

WebHack#13 Web Authentication Essentials @麻布十番

WangFangda WangFangda

東京都港区三田1-4-1 住友不動産麻布十番ビル4階