Group Description

What we value

We value continuous learning and relationship building. We believe we are what we learn. We believe connecting to people helps us know ourselves and achieve what we couldn't do alone.

Who we are

We are voluntary organizers who want to utilize our skills and go beyond our roles to support others and ultimately make an impact on the IT industry as a whole.

What we do

We organize and facilitate two-hour-long meet-ups that contain presentations by engineers and engineering managers on various topics and Q&A for further discussions, as well as networking for future connections.

Who we are for

The meet-ups are designed for any engineer or engineering manager who wishes to further their career development, learn from industrial experts, and connect with people across the entire IT industry.

How to give a presentation

Fill out this survey and we will reach out!

How to contribute

Email to and we will reach out!

Upcoming Events

Public 2022/01/25(Tue) 19:30〜

WebHack#50 Demystifying coding interviews

Fangda Wang Fangda Wang

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Finished Events View all events (54)

Ended 2021/11/18(Thu) 19:30〜

WebHack#49 3 years of Elm: lessons learned

Fangda Wang Fangda Wang



Ended 2021/10/24(Sun) 19:30〜

WebHack x Hacktoberfest 2021 @Clubhouse

Paipo Tang Paipo Tang


Up to 200

Ended 2021/09/06(Mon) 19:30〜

WebHack#48 Leading with Influence

Fangda Wang Fangda Wang

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Ended 2021/08/24(Tue) 19:30〜

WebHack#47 Transplant an Elm in your garden

Fangda Wang Fangda Wang

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Ended 2021/07/29(Thu) 19:30〜

WebHack#46 Types Are Eating The World!

ChihCheng Huang ChihCheng Huang

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Ended 2021/06/10(Thu) 19:30〜

WebHack#45 Optics: A peek into the future

Greg Weng Greg Weng

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Ended 2021/05/20(Thu) 19:30〜

WebHack#44 Quickwit: A Search Engine for Logs

Fangda Wang Fangda Wang

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Ended 2021/03/17(Wed) 19:30〜

WebHack#42 From IC to Tech Lead

Fangda Wang Fangda Wang

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Ended 2021/02/03(Wed) 19:30〜

WebHack#41 x Pivotal Labs: App Modernization

Summer Li Summer Li